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What is the NoneList?

        NoneList is a discussion forum about art and literature, particularly the trends of the latter half of the 20th Century with an eye toward the possibilities of the new century. It is also a place to share our enthusiasms, graphic works, poetry, prose, etc.

        We don't care whether you're a Mod, Rocker, or Mocker; Beat, Post-beat, boomer, X'er, or whatever - you're all welcome at the party. We only ask that you accord everybody the same respect that you want to be given to you. Otherwise NoneList is a list without limits, and we invite you to join us in this exploration the many aspects of human creativity.

(from the Welcome Message, written by Bobby Mitchell, founder and administrator of NoneList)

It is a good tradition on the NoneList that new subscribers fill out a questionnaire which is better known as "Pop Quiz". This questionnaire was designed by Bobby Mitchell (it actually evolved from an earlier questionnaire circulating on the Subterraneans list). Anyway, its aim is that all list members come to know each other better.

This questionnaire is open for constructive changes. You can answer these questions as you like, leave blanks or even add a new question in case you think this is necessary.
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